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View each customer as a friend for life. Life is complex. Dying is a terror, an agony, a strangling finish, to be fought off by sheer instinct, by the will to live on, to the last breath.

Melting is a mere diffusion into an ambient welcoming warmth in which one is dissolved and disappears, as a teaspoon of sugar vanishes into hot tea Yet here in the United States, for all the scary attrition I have pictured, we are still a community of over five million strong At a far stretch of my hopes, our descendants could one day be a diaspora comparable to Babylonia.

At the moment, of course, that is beyond rational expectation. We have to concentrate on lasting at all Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published February 20th by Harper Perennial first published More Details Original Title.

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Jun 15, Skylar Burris rated it liked it Shelves: judaism , politics , philosophy. At least it starts out that way. About the third of the way in Wouk notifies you that this is not actually the subject of the book but a mere precursor to the subject of the book, which is Jewish heritage thus the subtitle. There is some meandering. Much of the book is a survey of the Jewish religious and cultural heritage, covering in broad literary strokes the Tanakh, the Talmud, and the history of the Jews until the fall of the second temple and then skipping far ahead to the Holocaust and modern day Israel.

May 06, Susan rated it really liked it. Another great read from Herman Wouk. His personal interpretations of tradition and liturgy are always enlightening. This book focuses on the present day issues and future of Judaism as a faith. His perspective is fascinating, worrisome and, hopefully, wrong.

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Jul 08, Idelle Kursman rated it really liked it. The Will to Live On was published forty years later. Herman Wouk, who passed away recently, was a bestselling author of many books, a few actually made into movies. Similar to his first book, he explains why religion is integral to his life. In , Orthodox Judaism was rarely in the news--most Jews had no interest in traditional Judaism and Wouk's steadfast observance was considered going against the tide.

In his second book, Israel had already gone through wars that endangered its very existence and there has been renewed interest in traditional Judaism. Still, Wouk expressed doubts whether Jews would continue on as a people or just fade away through intermarriage and lack of interest. His instincts told him they would continue going on as a people somehow, perhaps in innovative ways. Wouk had a life most writers would envy. He was able to write full-time, travel the world for background for his writing, and meet famous people and world leaders. He briefly summarizes the history of the Jewish religion and ends by discussing the Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform camps and the choices individual Jews make concerning their religiosity.

However, I felt Wouk missed one important component--even in America, the land of the free, many employers require their employees to work on Friday after Shabbat begins and even on Saturday. The Jewish holidays throughout the year, always occurring on different dates due to the Hebrew lunar calendar, make it difficult to take so many days off work. Added to that, Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods are often located in expensive neighborhoods. To walk to a synagogue and observe with other Jews, a person or family must make a very good income.

What's more, the cost of Jewish day schools is soaring and many simply cannot afford them. I wish Wouk would have addressed these issues rather than just focusing on the allure of living a secular life. These are very real obstacles to living an observant lifestyle. Otherwise, a good recap of Jewish history and Jewish life today.

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Jan 05, Thom Dunn rated it really liked it Shelves: americaamerican , europe , history , jewish-world , language , manifesto-polemic , memoir , a-own-hardcover , religion , social-crit. Sees potential in a get-back-to-roots movement of younger, half-assimilated Jews of today.

Sadly, reports: that "Yiddishkeit is dead, and it's never coming back". Contains brilliant moments from Wouk's life, as when David Ben Gurion tells him the best beginning for the new state of Israel would be to "Tear down Yad Vashem". May 29, Norman Voisey rated it it was amazing. Herman Wouk died today. He was a great religious writer but you will not see that in the newspapers This book and also This is my God are both well done.

I am an evangelistic Christian who loves my Jewish teachers. May 14, Reese rated it really liked it.