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Stuiber, Patrologie, 7th ed. Also Rene Braun, Quodvultdeus. The book was written around A. Press, ; G. It is important to note that this development took place in two distinct periods: that of ancient Egypt and the other of Hellenistic Egypt, when it became the cult that was known to Romans and Christians. According to ancient Egyptian mythology, Isis came into being at the third level of creation.

The wife of Osiris, she was a celestial divinity.

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As wife of Osiris and mother of the sun-god, Horus, she was deeply connected with the origin of life. In the myth of Osiris, best known to us from the account of Plutarch, 60 it is Isis who resurrects her dead husband, saves her child Horus, and even protects Seth, the murderer of Osiris. Thus viewed as one in possession of powerful magic, the mother of god who could bestow immortality, Isis grew in importance.

Osiris became Dionysus, and Horus, Apollo. However, at this time a new Isis cult developed and quickly spread into Greece and Italy. In the fourth century B. From there the cult spread northward into other Italian cities, including Pompeii, where excavations yielded evidence that the cult flourished there by the first century A. Isis had a stormy history there, sometimes tolerated, sometimes forbidden, depending on the mood of the Senate and later, the emperors.

It was only Caligula A. Nock, Conversion , Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, ; J. Gwynn Griffiths, Apuleius of Madauros. The Isis Book. As a result of this systematic persecution, Isis, too, slowly disappeared in a process similar to that of Caelestis. Two great festivals, the Isia and the Navigium Jsidis , belonged to the cult of Isis.

The first, a dramatic presentation of the story of Osiris, was celebrated in Rome at the beginning of November. After Osiris was brutally murdered by Seth and his body was cut into pieces, Isis wandered through the land, weeping and looking for the corpse of her husband. All this was reenacted during the festival. People wept and beat their breasts over the death of Osiris; with loud jubilation they rejoiced when the body was found and Osiris was resurrected.

But readers who are familiar with Good Friday and Easter celebrations will understand that for Isiac initiates these were deeply meaningful rites; they dealt with the mysteries of death and resurrection and evoked in the participants a sense of eternal life. The Navigium Isidis 7tA. The celebration marked the beginning of the new season of seafaring and it was a festive and joyful gather- 63 Herodotus, 2.

For references from classical Latin authors, see Heyob, op. Apuleius Metamorphoses Soon after sunrise the streets were already full of people. People came dressed in the habits of various professions: one came as a warrior, another as a hunter, another as a gladiator, yet another as a fisherman, and so forth. Women, dressed in white and wearing garlands on their heads, spread herbs along her way; others held mirrors in their hands turned toward the goddess; yet others had ivory combs in their hands, indicating that they were trained to adorn the hair of the goddess.

The initiates followed, all in glistening white linen dresses. The women had their hair anointed but the heads of the men were shaven. In their hands they held brass timbrels which gave out a shrill sound. And finally came the high priest, holding in his hand a timbrel and a garland of roses. The procession went to the sea coast where the high priest dedicated and launched a beautifully decorated ship that the breeze soon blew far away out of sight. After this the people assembled in the temple, where the holy objects were properly disposed of and prayers were said.

Gaselee, ed.

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Prior to that, he had to go through various rites of purification, and on the great appointed day and in the presence of a multitude of priests the laity and the uninitiated were dismissed , he was given a new linen robe and taken to the most sacred, secret place of the temple. This is the mystery which he cannot divulge, he says, but to satisfy the curiosity of the reader he indicates so much I approached near into hell, even to the gate of Proserpine, and after that I was ravished throughout all the elements, I returned to my proper place: about midnight I saw the sun brightly shine, I saw likewise the gods celestial and the gods internal, before whom I presented myself and worshipped them.

Vested in fine linen decorated with symbolic flowers and images of animals, he stood on a pulpit before the image of the goddess. This was repeated on the third day. Then Lucius went to Rome where, in the temple of Isis on the Campus Martius, he was initiated as a priest of Osiris and, with his head shaven, continued to serve as a priest. The mysteries of Isis had sanctuaries in which the important ceremonies of the cult took place. This probably represented the underworld, where Lucius, too, underwent his initiation.

Press, Brill, , p. The services included the singing of hymns and music with several instruments. The nature of the mysteries demanded that some parts of the services were open only to initiates, while in others everybody could participate. People attracted to the Isiac mysteries were thus divided into three groups: priests, initiates, and laymen. The priesthood had a number of grades and functions. The pastophors were responsible for carrying the statue, while the neocorus took care of the temple.

There were also scribes , astrologs, who observed the hours, and cantors who performed the ritual chanting. The initiates were called by the goddess personally, usually in a dream. As is told of Lucius in the Metamorphoses , they went through a series of ceremonies which included fasting, ritual cleansing and baths. These initiatory rites led eventually to a lower order of the priesthood — in the case of Lucius, to admission into the rank of the pastophor. Laymen, if they so desired, could join a cult association, of which there were many.

Those who were seriously interested could become members of a unit that was under the direction of a priest. From here they could go into a higher level of organization where they were given certain tasks in the cult. A special feature in the mysteries of Isis was the participation of women.

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Although most of the principal priests appear to have been men, women priests became increasingly common from the first century A. Women 68 Heyob, loc.

The Virgin Goddess

The Metamorphoses Chap. This theme later developed into Isis lactans , i. Women thus saw Isis as the divine protectress who on a celestial level already experienced everything that a woman can experience in her life cycle; 72 to all her devotees she was the divine image of the female sex, protectress of all female functions.

Many religions know ablutions and sprinklings as means of spiritual purification, but in the cult of Isis water seems to have played a more important role. An indication of that is hinted at in the story of Lucius, whose first thought after the initial appearance of the goddess was to sprinkle himself with seawater. Then, before his initiation, he had to take an ordinary bath after which he was sprinkled by the priest in the sanctuary. This aspect of the Isiac mystery was researched and analyzed by Robert A. Wild, who 69 Op. But see also Nile-water was especially valued by her devotees and in many sanctuaries containers for such water were present.

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In the Metamorphoses In his commentary, Griffiths quotes other Egyptian references; see p. The opportunity for vicious rumors, especially when incubation was practiced by women, was ever present, and sometimes illicit activities may have taken place. Best known is the story reported by Josephus, 80 according to which a Roman knight, by bribing the priests, was able to have an illicit relation with a lady in the temple of Isis.

The fraud was discovered and exemplary punishments were meted out to all guilty parties. Many other veiled and not so veiled references can be found in Roman literature about the supposed tendency of Isis to encourage sexual misconduct. Heyob made a valiant attempt to prove these charges false and to exonerate Isis.

Ancient history is full of such incidents, perhaps because they were so easy to make and many people liked them and did not ask for substantiation. The Romans made such 78 "Regina Caeli If occasional wrongs took place within the religion of Isis, that was not its outstanding characteristic.


In fact, the opposite appears to be true. The similarities between the cult of Isis and certain Christian practices have been pointed out many times. Christian iconography also has been compared to that of Isis, especially the representations of the Virgin Mary with the child Jesus, which indeed resemble closely those of Isis nursing her son. When one looks at the illustrations of Isis reprinted by Tran Tam Tinh in Isis Lactans it is easy to understand why so many scholars consider Isis to be the prototype of Mary.

Most recently, R.

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In the West the first representations of Mary nursing her son date from the twelfth century. And even though, as Witt points out, the cult of Isis was known in Asia Minor, the major female divinity, whose influence overshadowed everything else there, was not Isis but Cybele, the Great Mother. This is not to underestimate the influence of Isis upon the later praxis pietatis directed toward Mary. But this was also the case at places where a goddess other than Isis was venerated. We find these in the cult of Isis.

This was a cosmic religion which 82 Op. In the mysteries of Isis this totality was represented by the primordial waters. Over and above the chaotic divisions and separations in the world, Isis pointed to an essential order in the universe and offered a way to attain it.

Of course, other mysteries did the same, and we now turn to review another of these, the rites of the Syrian Goddess. The Syrian Goddess At the time when Juno Caelestis was worshipped in Carthage and the cult of Isis was spread over the Mediterranean world, another goddess reigned supreme in Hierapolis.

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Nevertheless, this is what Lucian says. Much good material is available on De Dea Syria.

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The following represents only a selection directly used by me. Text and translation in the LCL, A. Harmon, ed.