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This summit has hosted government delegations, international organisations, local authorities, and actors committed to fostering Social and Inclusive Economy. World experts, speakers with inspiring success stories, local actors from all over the world, and public and private partners committed to meeting the challenges of our century has also attended.

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On the 10th and 11th of July , more than of us has committed to achieving Sustainable Development Objectives having as an inspiration the values of the Social and Solidarity Economy will be present. This is a concrete Alliance , with every stakeholder working towards a common goal: collectively designing a roadmap for a new global economy.

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Social and Inclusive Economy at the level of territories. Pact for Impact Follow. Une initiative du Gouvernement Togolais, U. Then a shut closet door opens, seemingly unaided, and a sense of disquiet enters, as does the hope that Mr. McCarthy, making his feature debut, has a grasp on his material.

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And there are moments when Mr. McCarthy becomes bogged down with exposition and character background that are less interesting than the fun he has by opening and closing doors, cranking the music up and down and punctuating scenes with abrupt edits. These gliding camera movements — partly courtesy of the director of photography, Bridger Nielson, and the Steadicam operator, Liam Clark — suggest elevated directorial ambition, even as the grayish, thin-looking digital gives the movie a fittingly low-rent, straight-to-cable visual quality.

When Annie starts poking about the house, scrutinizing old photographs, tracking down clues and talking to various others including a spooky medium played with eyeball-rolling showmanship by Haley Hudson , it can seem as if Mr. McCarthy had lost his thread. Is this a haunted house tale, a mommy-dearest mystery or a psycho puzzler, and does it matter? More important, as Annie moves toward the big reveal, Mr.

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