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Instead he worries about cell doors that aren't wide enough for wheel chairs and hospital beds, what it would look like to build something resembling a nursing home at Guantanamo, and one detention camp that is on the verge of falling into disrepair.

That camp would be called Camp 8 and become the new home of detainees in the secret Camp 7. No one without a high-level security clearance is allowed to enter Camp 7, or even know its location on the island.

Deteriorating facilities draw scrutiny as Gitmo eyed for possible prisoner influx

But Ring needs to describe it in order to make his case for funding. As for the aging population, Ring says it's a matter of when, not if, he will need wheelchair-accessible facilities.

This is probably what comes to mind when most people think of Guantanamo Bay.

One detainee, Abd Al Hadi, a year-old Iraqi accused of commanding al Qaeda in Afghanistan, recently underwent emergency spine surgery. His recovery postponed his court hearing from September to early and he has been wheelchair-bound in the process. Hadi's attorneys say he needed the surgery months before he got it, a claim Ring brushes off as a legal defense strategy.

Stephen Xenakis, a psychiatrist who has done work with detainees in Gitmo, said the delays in care for Hadi and others stem from the necessity of having to fly in specialists, the lack of trust that sometimes exists between the detainee patients and doctors, and medical facilities that need to be updated to detect problems, particularly in an aging population. Funding needs for Gitmo are likely to grow if guards are asked to take in more detainees. So far, the Trump administration has left open this possibility but has made no decision over who to transfer there or when to do it.

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Ring says with his current staffing, he could accommodate 40 more detainees. With more funding and staff, he could take in But he worries about an unfunded mandate if the Trump administration decides to drastically increase the population without Congress approving the funding. For now, as the innkeeper, he's planning for the detainees on site. A horticulture program just restarted that allows "compliant" detainees the opportunity to plant cotton, herbs and tomatoes as a reward for good behavior.

Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is more than just a prison. Located on the southeastern end of Cuba, "Gitmo" has served as a vital refueling station and safe port for U.

The Gitmo Mission

Military members serving here provide regional security for Navy and Coast Guard ships — and guard towers along miles of fence line serve as a constant reminder that they are in unfriendly territory. Many journalists who travel here only cover the detention facility — and miss the hidden gems.

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The Gitmo Mission : Thomas S Algeo :

It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Robert Johnson and Paul Szoldra. This is probably what comes to mind when most people think of Guantanamo Bay. Small cells filled with mostly faceless, nameless people from…wherever…. The only thing certain for many is that detainees here are doing hard time. Whatever that is.

But time here is far less 'hard' than at any stateside prison filled with Americans. Fact is, the detention facility is one small part of Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo Bay is filled with American servicemembers doing their job like they would at any other duty station.

Guantanamo Bay: A Video Introduction