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Get your mind blown on a daily basis:. Healthcare spending can be measured as a proportion of GDP, by admin costs, and per capita—and the United States comes in first in every category. When you start feeling ill, the first line of defense is typically to have a doctor assess the symptoms—but how much you end up paying for a visit differs greatly by region. The data considers how healthcare spending by country stacks up across the 36 Organization for Economic Cooperation OECD members, and how it has changed since Population health is a strong determinant in quality of life.

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As such, how much a country spends on healthcare as a percentage of gross domestic product GDP can be an important indicator. The U. The problem? While Switzerland consistently ranks as having one of the best healthcare systems in the world, the U. Looking after the health of millions of people is a lot of work, and this is where spending on healthcare administration and financing comes into play. Funds are allocated to medical resource providers, who manage everything from health records to salaries and insurance bills. On the bright side, Mexico has been making strides in the past few years: administrative spending plunged from Globally, advancements in health-tech are helping to reduce costs by streamlining tedious processes.

Over the past eight years, a majority of OECD countries have seen their healthcare spending per capita climb, with Luxembourg and Greece being the only exceptions. However, the U.

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As the U. Rare diseases affect upwards of million people worldwide.

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This infographic breaks down their types and prevalence, and estimated related drug sales. Pharmaceuticals have come a long way since the apothecary days of prescribing cocaine drops for toothaches, or dispensing tapeworm diet pills.

Yet even with rapid advancements, a select group of rare diseases still fly under the radar — and together, they affect over million people worldwide. At the same time, as many as 7, rare diseases exist, with more discovered every year. A report by the global investment bank Torreya looks at the most common types of rare diseases that are a focus for therapeutic companies around the world:.

One catch behind these stats? This means prevalence data like the above is often inconsistent, making it difficult to record the precise rate of natural occurrence.


This gap in knowledge comes at a price—many rare diseases have constrained options for treatment. Other places like the EU, Japan, and Australia are also following suit. Source: Torreya Report. Market values are for the top 31 pure play rare disease therapeutic companies.

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Download Agenda. Why Future Pharma? Instead, cognitive computers will be used in biotechnology and genomic research. It has the ability to search through existing medicines that could be re-purposed to more effectively treat diseases. This type of molecular structure search and analysis would normally take months, if not years.

A complete package must be offered and this package should be digitally friendly. These offerings include everything from digital health apps to services and devices that can be bundled with the prescription. As this grows in popularity, it will prove to be a game-changer when it comes to pharmaceutical marketing and advertising , as well as distribution.

These sensors can either be placed on the body or inside of it. They measure various critical vital signs. These are sensors that are inside of the pill and track both the drug being digested and how well the drug is being absorbed into the body. It has been seen to be especially effective in overseeing prescription adherence with schizophrenia, major depressive disorders, and bipolar I disorder. In , the very first pharmaceutical was 3D-printed. As this manufacturing method gains popularity, it will likely completely transform how the pharmaceutical industry operates, in terms of its supply chain.