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No wonder he loves to carve whales! Moose permits are not being decreased this year so there will be more moose for viewing. But they will go down for the third straight year. After several discussions, including consideration of allowing all nonresidents to hunt on the opening day of the deer season, the committee settled on a proposal to allow nonresidents who own 25 acres of more to hunt on the first day of the firearms season on deer, as long as their property is open to hunting by others.

Up until now, only residents could hunt on the first day.

Groups representing sportsmen and women won legislative support last year for a Constitutional Amendment requiring that the number of signatures obtained by referendum campaigns equal at least 10 percent of the total votes cast in the previous gubernatorial election from each congressional district.

Current law only includes a minimum number of signatures statewide.

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This would force groups seeking to put something on the ballot to get out into all of Maine, rather than concentrate their signature gathering in Portland and southern Maine. In A Life Lived Outdoors, published by Islandport Press, popular Maine columnist and outdoor enthusiast George Smith reflects on the way life should be, could be, and sometimes is in the great state of Maine. From finding newborn mice in a drawer the first day back at camp, to saying goodbye to a beloved son after graduation, to searching for the right words to honor a friend, Smith transforms everyday encounters and outdoor adventures into an entertaining narrative that is both funny and heartfelt.

In this collection of new and favorite columns, Smith finds the perfect hook to land your attention and keep you reading until the very last line. Senator Maine.

He goes all over the state. He listens. And he reports on issues of concern to sportsmen, conservationists, and environmentalists. Probably not! Blog Showcase Image:. George Smith's blog Read more.

Wait until you see these carvings! Should Second Congressional District residents have a say in what gets onto the ballot?

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