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THE FIRST 100 YEARS 1893–1993

A Windriver Production. Director: Bruce Malmuth. Carol E. A Full Moon Ent. Lankford scripted, Fred Olen Ray directs.

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A hit at the New York Film Festival, the black-and-white comedy stars Martin Priest as Harry, a small-time Jewish numbers racketeer just out of prison who finds his world turned topsy-turvy. New Yorker. Jonathan Gries is the introverted artist; Lisa Zane the rejected actress. Williams, Robert Culp.

When he finally meets her, he goes off the deep end with deadly results. In this dimension lurks a creature that can be anything it wants. Castle Hill.


Produced and directed by Douglas Curtis. John Erman directs from a Robert Getchell screenplay. Samuel Goldwyn Jr. Buena Vista. Applegate stars as a heroin addict street dweller who hooks up, romantically, with runaway David Mendenhall. Their already tenuous relationship is complicated by a vicious cop Eb Lottimer who preys on the youthful destitute. Ruben co-writes with hubby Andy Ruben.

New Horizons. Robert Lindsay and Molly Ringwald come to France to wed, but he develops a fascination for the Monte Carlo gaming tables.

A MCL Ent. Actresses Genevieve Lemon and Karen Colston also make feature debuts. Bond also stars along with Kadeem Hardison and Bill Nunn. Appearances by recording artists Freddie Jackson and Melba Moore. Susan Sarandon narrates. Fox Lorber. Movie Visions. With David Rasche. IRS Media. The spring movie season is a little like the spring weather in most parts of the country--breezy, cool and heavy on romance.

It is the time of spring break, a time when Hollywood generally lowers its sights and aims at the erogenous zones. But, as the schedule shows, there have been changes for the better. Films are more diversified, with more pictures targeted both for families and for adults and fewer with co-ed showers on their minds. The realtor neglects to tell them about a certain room that, when opened, unleashes a hideous wave of destruction. The director is Jim Kaufman. Curtis Hanson directs.

Also stars F. Oliver Stone and Edward R. The diabolical duo land in our fair country posing as defectors, but what they really want is a revolutionary microchip we possess that reverses the passing of time. Directed by Charles Martin Smith. Christopher Neame also stars. Long, a successful romance novelist, injects herself into the love life of her shy, single brother in an effort to pair him up with his dream woman.

When he gives a ride one day to wild young woman, he attends instead the school of hard knocks. John Travolta who co-wrote the screenplay is a social worker who must infiltrate a sophisticated network of drug dealers who have nabbed one of his former cases, a year-old boy. Marilu Henner co-stars as an attorney representing the gang. Directed by Rod Holcomb. Joey Lawrence and Hector Elizondo co-star. The businessman orchestrates a most unusual and bloody revenge. Between Michigan and Florida, they pull together as they encounter various obstacles and adventures.

Director Joe Roth. Annabeth Gish and Joseph Bologna co-star. Jim Abrahams exec produces. Chris Thomson directs this Village Roadshow Pictures production. Brother Aaron Norris directs; John P. Ryan and Paul Perri co-star. Lee Ermey, and Jan-Michael Vincent lead the way in this tale of an ancient tomb that is unearthed, revealing a deathly insignia. Director Andrew Prowse. A Vestron production written and directed by Maurice Phillips. Now back in the States, he accidentally bumps into one of his former captors Rosana DeSoto.

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Directed by Hassan Ildari. What better way to decide who won than to stage a hand-to-hand combat between one U. David Prior directs. He meets his match with a murderer whose sinister powers far exceed anything known to man. With Tracy Griffith; written and directed by Robert Resnikoff. Jeffrey Franken concocts a scheme to bring his fiancee back to life after a freak and tragic lawnmower mishap. Lena Farugia and Han Strydom co-star.

Dwier Brown stars with Carey Lowell. American Ind. During this futile comeback attempt, his son, an aspiring musician, begins to emerge on the music scene. The murder of an American civil rights activist and the ensuing distortion of facts point to an ugly conspiracy by politicians, civil servants and industrialists. Ken Loach directs. The young man goes after her, traversing such roads such as Ayatollah Avenue and Joan Crawford Boulevard to rescue her.

Ate de Jong directs. Reginald Hudlin writes and directs Robin Harris, A.

The Power God Cliffhanger Serial (1925) episode 1 of 15

There were heroes mainly of the jut-jawed, clean-limbed variety, like J. Warren Kerrigan, Francis X. Bushman, Harold Lockwood, Carlyle Blackwood.

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There were, it seemed, dozens of youthfully beautiful heroines, whose principal characteristics were often epitomized by their screen names like Arline Pretty, Louise Lovely. Each of them was, as one critic said of Lillian Gish, "a permanent lyric of jumpi- ness.