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The Carlton launch also signalled the end of many years of research and writing. During this period pun intended the Trust surveyed almost 3, women and girls about their experiences of menstruation and menopause. This research process began in and in the years that followed, authors Karen Pickering and Jane Bennett wrestled with the emerging data and what those findings meant for society at large.

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About Bloody Time unpacks these findings in detail, asking key questions like what would make their period easier and how prepared they were for their first period. Stats such as these have been picked up by the media, resulting in an interview on Life Matters on ABC Radio National and Triple RRR , requests for thought pieces in The Guardian and Whimn , articles in regional outlets like The Courier, The Bendigo Advertiser , and others, as well as an outpouring of warm sentiment across social media.

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It seems that About Bloody Time is the kind of book that people have been waiting for. But back to the launch in Carlton.


Leanne spoke of how pleased she was to be associated with About Bloody Time and the significance of this work. Available now! Why was such a large portion of the book dedicated to the mechanics of the menstrual cycle? As she spoke, the awe Jane holds for the menstrual cycle was clearly evident; further reason why this chapter was so integral to undoing ingrained biases and stigma.

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We need to reclaim a sense of wonder about our bodies and Jane is precisely the right person to help us do that. But exactly how does this fit into feminism?

How will unlocking the menstrual taboo achieve gender equality? Karen had a quick answer. Mason Brand is an outsider, a man who turned his back on society and his once successful career as a photographer.

Living in the deepest countryside, with an old farmer as his guide, Brand learnt about himself, about the nature of nature and its relationship with man. Now, giving society one last chance before he retreats forever into the wilds, he lives quietly in Shreve, shunned by almost everyone in the town, the town eccentric.

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Shreve sits next to a massive landfill site, a noxious influence when the wind blows in the direction of the town. This influence is spreading, the land unable to cope with the rubbish and the poisonous chemicals being pumped into the earth. As the garbage crawls and spreads throughout Shreve the lives of the protagonists draw closer together through Mason Brand, the only one who understands what is about to happen, the man who is mainly responsible for that vital evolutionary stage of the fecalith, the struggle for sentience. Garbage Man is published on May 7th by Bloody Books.