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Toward a Global Ethic: An Initial Declaration was prepared to establish a shared ethical framework for all peoples across religious lines. It was drafted by Dr. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Rebel's Silhouette Selected Poems. By Faiz Ahmed Faiz. A Prison Evening Each star a rung, night comes down the spiral staircase of the evening. Be Near Me You who demolish me, you whom I love, be near me. Related Reading. Reader's Essay. By Bruna Kadletz. Comments 0. By David Bollier. By Vivienne Hull. By Dr. Credits Staff and Advisors.

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Two Poems John Grey. Jordan Rowan Dec I wanna know About all the places you've been to I love to see The woman you've grown into It's like a mystical thing How the past is in your skin All those years of wisdom And how you learned to let them in I've gotta place And it sings like an angel for you Don't run away Before I get the chance to explore you I've seen seven things Some say they're wonders But if I could give them a name They'd be love all the same Have you flown To every corner of this starship? Together or alone Either way, you've seen your hardships They're painted in dreams And stains on your seams But your dress is in bloom And smells of sweet perfume There's talking to do And I can learn every little secret If not for you I'd be sleeping with no one to dream it Like silhouettes in starlight Dancing to the song That we make with stories Unearthed all night long.

Frankie Gestone Apr The Happy, Sad, and Unemployed. We learn, though, and see our shadows in the dark The silhouettes fool others into believing we are bigger than what we are We leave them painted on the walls so we are always remembered The goal is to stain something so deep onto the world that we immortalize ourselves, thus we are not vanished along with our bodies.

Esther Krenzin Jul Ocean Foam. The ocean booms and rages And something inside me stirs at the wild beauty, ancient power, and feeling, that calls my name. The warm salty breeze caresses my face, and as the sun slips into the sky silhouettes of birds winging their way amidst the glowing darkness enter my mortal vision.

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I lay in the soft sand, and pull some into my open palm. Are we like sand? Soft and pretty at first, but once rain falls and the world throws hardship at us, we become harsh coarse and gritty. If so, we must learn to accept that there will always be rain, And learn to soften into the person we are deep down.


Strong, and yet still soft enough to experience life's joys. Krenzin- -Roguesong-. You are strong. But it is okay to feel. It is okay to have strength that does not bow and does not break.

Reflections in Silhouette

Walter W Hoelbling Nov Inspired by a graphic of Lei Feng on password. MadeleineBarnham Jun Benji James Sep Crying Parking Lot. Memories bombard my eyes All the wrongs caused in past times Failures on parade Wrong choices made Too late Can't change them Why do I stop and reminisce When all these things Leave me feeling like this? What has this life become?

When you're all alone Crying in a parking lot Shots left me with a wounded heart Just like a broken vase Put together again It's not the same Thoughts of death plague my mind Runs through my head too much of the time Try to fix it with a rhyme, a line Tried praying for a sign All I see is empty skies And this is why I'd like to know What has this life become? Silhouettes dancing through these streets Dark shadow stalking me The man in the mirror That I see Is not the best version of me I know it Not trying to hide it I'm an open book Read each line And you'll get a small glimpse into my life Through silver screens You'll see all these feelings eating at me Tell me What has this life become?

I wanted to keep this as simple as I could Had a bit of a tear up in the car in a parking lot And thought it sounded cool for a set of lyrics. I cant help it! A last try at this.. How I wish I had a bakra to pose for me. Would have been much easier to compose the shot. Now thats it junta. My half hr slot over.

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