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The dancing is interesting and largely authentic, and the dancers are attractive though definitely PG-rated in the Disney tradition. We think the show has its moments and the meal is adequate, but neither is particularly special. Despite the name change, not much else differentiates this show from the old Polynesian Luau.

The revised show follows tenuously the common "girl leaves home for the big city, forgets her roots, and must rediscover them" theme. The performers are uniformly attractive "Stud muffins! The story, however, never really makes sense as anything other than a slender thread between musical numbers. Our show lasted for more than 2 hours and 15 minutes. The food does little more than illustrate how difficult it must be to prepare the same meal for hundreds of people simultaneously.

The roasted chicken is better than the ribs, but neither is anything special. We conditionally recommend Spirit of Aloha for special occasions, when the people celebrating get to go on stage. But go to the early show and get dessert somewhere else in the World.

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The food is good but not superior, but if you love meat and you go hungry, it's a great place to fill up. The method of service and the fact that it just keeps coming make it all taste a little better. Insist on being seated in the main dining room, where the fire pit is. A large open pit is the centerpiece of the room.

Here the grilled foods are prepared with flair - as well as flare: from time to time the chef will pour some liquid on the fire, causing huge flames to shoot up. This is usually in response to something one of the strolling entertainers has said, evoking a sign from the fire gods. At any given moment, there may be a hula-hoop contest or a coconut race, where kids are invited to push coconuts around the dining room with broomsticks.

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Skewer service is the specialty here-there's no menu. As soon as you're seated, your server will begin to deliver food. First comes bread and a green salad, followed by honey-glazed chicken wings, pork fried dumplings, pineapple-coconut bread, and fresh pineapple. The main course is steak, pork loin, chicken, and grilled peel-and-eat shrimp, accompanied by stir-fried vegetables and lo mein noodles placed on a lazy Susan in the center of the table.

The casual Kona Cafe has a postmodern decor, with arched railings and grillwork on the ceiling. If you want to escape the Magic Kingdom for a quiet lunch, hop on the monorail or take the resort launch to the Polynesian. This isn't a fancy dining room, but the food is on a higher plane than your average java joint's. House Specialty for breakfast is the Tonga toast, a decadent French toast layered with bananas. For lunch we recommend stir-fried Asian noodles, barbecued-pork taco, and sticky wings. For dinner try the pomegranate barbecued pork chop, ginger-crusted rib-eye with tamarind jus, and sustainable fish.

But while the two share nostalgic interactive props and animatronics the ones here are a nod to the old 20, Leagues Under the Sea attraction and even a few menu items, the Grog Grotto has its own vibe. Kona Island Breakfast Menu. Kona Island is very casual, imitating the tones and textures of Kona Cafe but placed in an area of high traffic for the Polynesian. When eating in, guests can sit right at the bar, or be stationed against a glass wall with views of the resort's monorail stop, tropical gardens, and the ceremonial lighting of the torches on most nights.

Kona Island currently serves coffee and pastries. Any of the menu items from Kona Cafe can be ordered here. Cook's Breakfast Menu Kids — Capt. Cook's is Polynesian's counter service eatery. You'll find Tonga toast, flatbreads, chicken sandwich, pork sandwich, turkey club, salads, baked goods. Cook's participates in Disney's Rapid Fill refillable mug program, where you purchase a souvenir plastic mug once, and get free refills for the remainder of your stay.

Cook's, and 2 credits at Spirit of Aloha. Pizza delivery is available to your room from Disney's own delivery service. Besides pizza, chicken wings, desserts, beer, wine, and sodas are also available.

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However, delivery can take up to 90 minutes, and the food quality is often below average. You're probably better off either walking to the food court or calling Domino's. Pizza delivery hours are 4 PM to midnight daily. Tambu has indoor seating and a full drink menu, with several beers, wines, and a selection of spirits.

It also has a selection of beers, wines, and cocktails. Take World Dr. From Orlando International Airport If you're arriving at Orlando International Airport, Disney's free Magical Express bus service will take you and your luggage directly from the airport to your hotel room, then back to the airport when it's time for your flight home. If you're not renting a car, be aware that Sanford's airport offers fewer transportation options than Orlando's, and Sanford's options are generally much more expensive.

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At those prices, it may be less expensive to rent a car and park it at the hotel. Disney's Polynesian Resort's bus stops sit along the front wall of the lobby, between the lobby and check-in parking lot. Each theme park has its own bus stop somewhere along the wall. The Polynesian Resort is served by the Magic Kingdom monorail and is an easy walk from the transportation center.


At the center, you can catch an express monorail to Epcot. This makes the Polynesian the only Disney resort with direct monorail access to both Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. To minimize your walk to the transportation center, request a room in the Pago Pago, Moorea, or Tokelau guest buildings. You can also catch a Monorail on the second floor of the Great Ceremonial House. Ask a Disney Cast Member about Polynesian's bus schedule, and they'll tell you that buses run about every 20 minutes.

In reality, Polynesian's bus schedule varies considerably depending on the time of day and where you're headed. For example, if you're headed to the Animal Kingdom between 8 AM and 11 AM, you'll wait around 15 minutes, on average, for a bus to arrive. The bus schedules for Disney's Hollywood Studios are about the same early in the day, with a bus arriving every minutes, on average.

Bus schedules to the water parks and Disney Springs are a little less frequent, and you could wait anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes for a ride. Buses run a little slower from around 11 AM to around 4 PM, when most people are already in a park.

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Disney's evening buses are scheduled around the theme parks' closing times, where most of the fleet is deployed to get guests back to their hotels. Your waits to return to your hotel from a theme park should average out to around 30 minutes under most circumstances. Disney's bus service is faster to Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Getting to another hotel from Disney's Polynesian Resort If you've got dining plans at another Disney hotel, the cheapest option is to take a Disney bus from Disney's Polynesian Resort to Disney Springs or an open theme park , then take another bus from there to your destination hotel. Do the reverse to get back to Disney's Polynesian Resort. While that's free, it can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours each way.

If your destination is one of the other Magic Kingdom monorail resorts, and the Magic Kingdom is still open, hop on the Monorail to the Grand Floridian and Contemporary , or exit the Monorail at Magic Kingdom and transfer to a boat to Fort Wilderness, the Wilderness Lodge, and the Contemporary. We suggest you still allow at least an hour for that.

Taxis are available outside the lobby; if a taxi is not already sitting out front, the bell services desk also serves as a taxi stand, and they'll call one for you. Pickup and return times are at your convenience.

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We recommend you find a spot on the beach at least 15 minutes before show time to guarantee a spot. Polynesian has no spa or fitness center, but guests are allowed to use the facility over at Grand Floridian. It is open 24 hours a day but attendants are only available from AM to PM. Kayaks, sailboats, pedal boats, and Sea Raycers can be rented. Prices vary. All rentals can be purchased in a booth near the Great Ceremonial House. Polynesian has a number of gift shops, including Moana Mercantile. Moana Mercantile sells basic pharmacy items such as sunscreen, aspirin, allergy and cold medicine, baby diapers and formula, shampoo, and food and drink items to make simple meals from.

Moana Mercantile also has Disney-branded cookies, chocolate, coffee tins, and similar items, if that's what you're looking for.