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The same can be said of Texas and Texans in general, but this quadrant of the state attained the greatest football prominence, regionally and nationally. Timing and geography were major factors. In , Dallas and Fort Worth had 42, and 26, residents, respectively. But as Texas evolved from an agrarian state to petroleum, discoveries of vast oilfields to the west, north and east made Dallas-Fort Worth a railroad and pipeline hub, sparking booms in population and wealth.

Even the Methodists found football religion, opening the SMU campus and creating a team the same year, Just 40 miles apart, Dallas and Fort Worth developed separate football personalities and traditions.

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By then, Texas and Oklahoma were well into their eight-decade tradition of meeting at the Cotton Bowl, about halfway between the state university campuses. The Dallas Texans started the season here but were equally woeful on the field and at the gate. The Texans' last two "home" games were moved to Detroit and Akron, Ohio, leaving behind a double-lesson for any owner brazen enough to bring pro football to North Texas in the future.

First, high school and college football were as ensconced as the dirt on North Texas' flat terrain. Second, if pro football ever returned, it had better be with a product that savvy fans in these parts could be proud of. Homer B.

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Johnson could attest to both points. His father J. She ran a boarding home in which Frisco High's coach, Don Helms, resided. Homer became Coach Helm's tagalong, to football practices, church and errands in Dallas. Many fathers of that era worked multiple jobs, so it wasn't unusual that yet another mentor, Herbert Minga, Frisco's Methodist preacher, took Homer to see his first college game at SMU's Ownby Stadium. I'd tell him what was going on. Eight-year-old Homer was smitten for life. When offered the chance to also be the head baseball coach, he was thrilled.

But when the Owls won the regional baseball title to advance to the state tournament, Johnson says only four fans watched. Johnson was Garland's head football coach from to and has been Garland ISD's athletic director ever since. Garland's Homer B. Johnson Stadium reminds its namesake of old P.

Cobb, which was demolished in the late s. During a tour of Frisco's facilities a few years ago, Johnson was shown a photo of Frisco's team. Sure enough, there he was as an year-old waterboy, wearing Frisco's No. Football is king. When pro football returned to North Texas in , Jenkins helped chronicle it. But the Cowboys did bring a new cult with them, a new group of fans. By then, the Cowboys were annual title contenders. He later settled in Hershey. Andrew M. Morgan: Lawrence County. He was born in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Kerry Collins 5 sits on the bench after being taken out of the game during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Indianapolis, Sunday, Sept. Kerry Collins: Lebanon County. Amanda Seyfried: Lehigh County.

Herman Mankiewicz: Luzerne County.

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Herman Mankiewicz, an award-winning screenwriter known for writing the screenplay for 's "Citizen Kane," was born Nov. He died March 5, , in Hollywood. In this undated image provided by Magnolia Pictures, Hunter S. Hunter S. Thompson: Lycoming County. He wrote in "Songs of the Doomed" that he was bored for most of his time as its sports editor but skipped town after a disastrous date with a colleague's daughter. Amy Rudolph: McKean County. Amy Rudolph, a distance runner and two-time Olympian, was born Sept.

John Bingham: Mercer County.

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John Bingham, the U. Representative who led the framing of the 14th Amendment, was born Jan. The amendment guarantees that no state "shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws," according to The New York Times. He died March 19, , in Cadiz, Ohio. Carl Barger: Mifflin County. Daniel Chun: Monroe County. Night Shyamalan: Montgomery County. He has hit home runs during his 21 years as a baseball player.

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He retired in Christopher Latham Sholes: Montour County. Herman won via second round stoppage. Tim Boetsch: Northumberland County. It was the first jersey retired by the school's field hocky team and the fourth number ever retired at the school. Will Smith: Philadelphia County. Willard Carroll "Will" Smith Jr. Vanessa Carlton: Pike County.

Riki Lindhome: Potter County. File-This Dec.

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Becker, left, from the University of Chicago, Ill. Becker died Saturday, May 3, , at Northwestern Hospital from complications after an extended illness.

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  4. He was Gary Becker: Schuylkill County. He won the Nobel Prize "for having extended the domain of microeconomic analysis to a wide range of human behavior and interaction, including nonmarket behavior. Hilde Lysiak: Snyder County. She gained nationwide attention after speaking out against detractors online who said she was too young to cover violent crimes. Jeremiah Black: Somerset County. He died in Harold 'Red' Grange: Sullivan County.


    He died Jan. Psychologist Prof. Skinner is shown in Sept. Skinner: Susquehanna County. Skinner, a psychologist known for developing the theory of behaviorism, was born March 20, , in Susquehanna, according to Biography. He also created the "Skinner box," which allowed him to study how animals interact with their environment. Charles Meredith: Tioga County. Charles Meredith, a silent film actor, was born Aug. He died Nov.

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