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Shadowhunters Freeform. Freeform hit the nail on the head with Shadowhunters. After her mother is kidnapped, Clary is thrust into a dark world full of vampires and warlocks. There are technically no witches on the show, but warlocks are essentially the same thing. A lot of people want to kill her, Cade included. But he turns out to be a savior in disguise. I like how she tries to protect him, even though he's much stronger and meaner than her. As always, when short stories are in question, I have some difficulties.

Don't get me wrong I adore the story, the characters, but it's just too damn short for me to really get into it. And the ending is just a tiny bit rushed. Other than that everything else is OK.

Bound in Darkness

I'm looking forward to reading Eden's next full-length novel Angel of Darkness with the release date of November 29th. Rating: 4. Aug 07, Kim Chappell rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I really love this short story it sucks you in so fast and you can't put it down. Cythina Eden knows how to keep you wanting more sometimes I just wish they were longer. Cade Thain is a bad ass Alpha werewolf who at 14 years old before he could even change had to deal with vampires attacking his entire pack.

The tourtured all of them even the children, but they left him alive. Once he was able to change he took his revenge not just killing the vamps that attacked his pack, but he is a hired assas I really love this short story it sucks you in so fast and you can't put it down.

Once he was able to change he took his revenge not just killing the vamps that attacked his pack, but he is a hired assassin. He kills as many rogue vamps as possbile he feels a staked vamp is the best vamp. Until he meets Allison. He was hired to kill her but how things change. Allison Gray is a pure blood vamp. She knows people are after her, but she thinks its because she was bitten and infected by the vamps that killed her parents. She is on the run and her witch freind Elsa has sent her to find a very strong person who is suppose to help keep her alive.

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She gets to the bar not knowing who she is looking for except that he is to guide her, but finds herself in a place she doesn't want to be. Griggs is trying to man handle her when Thain comes in and immediately Griggs backs off. But Allison isn't sure she wants to go with him either, Thain is bigger and scary than Griggs. He tells her witch sent him and she is trusting and leaves with him and they get attacked in the alley by a vamp. She still isn't sure she should trust him and untill he tells her the witches name that sent him she refuses to go anywhere. Once Thain tells her she feels safe and goes with him not knowing Elsa hired him to kill her.

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As soon as they get to his cabin he has full intentions to kill Allison but he finds himself wanting her so bad he can't stand it. The passion build between them and he decides he can't kill her he has to protect her.

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This short story is loaded with vamps, stupid humans who think they can kill a werewolf and on crazy as witch set out to kill a werewolfs mate. It doesn't end well for some. I love her short storys and can't wait to read the 3rd one. Sep 12, Tina rated it liked it Shelves: cynthia-eden. I have said it before and will say it again She tops my auto-buy list. Which explains why I didn't hesitate to purchase this book. With that being said Don't get me wrong it was a good read and I was totally engaged in the story until the end.

This being a true testament to Cynthia Eden being a gifted writer I just didn't care too much for the plot regarding the vampire heroine-Allison. She did I have said it before and will say it again She did not know that she was a pure blood vampire and when she found out the acceptance of it was too fast for me. Now Cynthia Eden knows how to write a sexy alpha wolf. Cade Thain is a scarred-mean-sexy wolf.

His growls are even sexy. I know that this is a novella but the story just seemed rushed to me. I did enjoy Cynthia Eden's first novella. Bound In Darkness missed the mark for me.


For example, when Allison first met the hero Cade Thain she referred to him as Thain then out of nowhere she calls him Cade before he even tells her his full name. There were other grammatical errors. I am not a picky person and definitely nowhere close to being a "Grammar Girl".

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However, the number of errors I encountered is not acceptable for a well established-gifted author like Cynthia Eden. Based on this I give the book 3. You make me want to be better, for you". Oct 06, Melindeeloo rated it it was ok Shelves: paranormal-romance , shapeshifters , vampires. In Bound in Darkness werewolf assassin Cade - tortured by vamps who slayed his whole pack when he was young - can't resist his consuming and immediate attraction for his target pureblood vamp Alyson - who doesn't know she's a vamp and who has every reason to fear them since they murdered her parents.

As much as I like enemies to lovers, in a short story that transiti 2. As much as I like enemies to lovers, in a short story that transition has to be well done for it to really work for me. However, Cade goes from kill to kiss-and-protect way too easily - and without a real trigger for his switch except for, I guess, the shapeshifter 'mate' thing - and Alyson accepts that shift easily as well - but then again she's so sweet that she fringes on TSTL and is terrible at choosing friends, so it's not too far fetched that judgment flaw extends to lovers as well.

But knowing Eden's shorts I was able to let the scrimping on story go and while it wasn't my favorite of Eden's Bound series, it was a quick steamy short story romance that fit perfectly into my busy day. For those who like lots of steam packed in a short space, the time that should have been spent on the transition is put to that use, so there's plenty to keep you happy.

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May 04, Ami rated it liked it Shelves: urban-fantasy-paranormal-futuristic. Cade is a werewolf, scarred after abuse by vampires that he faced when he was younger. A witch pays for his service to kill a vampire. However, when Cade finds the vampire, Allison, she is not yet a vampire Cade realizes he cannot kill her yet and ends up protecting her from the witch and the vampires that seem to go after her. I liked this story better than the first novella.