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The German Chancellor was 74 years old at the time. After hearing the recordings Wangemann had made in Paris and Berlin, Bismarck agreed to let his voice be recorded. He recited poetry and, surprisingly, lines from the French national anthem, and sang pieces of songs in English, Latin, French and German. He also gave his son, Herbert, lifestyle advice, recommending that he practice moderation. Wangemann had a great fondness for music. Full transcriptions in German and English are also on this website.

Amerika ist das Land der Unternehmer und hart arbeitenden Arbeiter. Doch stimmt das wirklich?

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Der durchschnittliche deutsche Arbeitnehmer arbeitet im Schnitt 1. Ich konzentriere mich mehr auf meine eigentliche Arbeit. Gelassener sehen das die Amerikaner. In einem Forum auf der Internetseite der New York Times meinte ein Amerikaner, der als Manager in Deutschland gearbeitet hatte, dass deutsche Arbeiter individueller und selbststaendiger sind.

In Deutschland werden Urlaubstage durch den Staat gesetzlich garantiert. Ferien sind in Deutschland eine Notwendigkeit. Amerikaner muessen dies meistens aus eigener Tasche bezahlen. Dies erlaubt es den Deutschen, sich auf das Wesentliche zu konzentrieren.

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Das Verwunderliche dabei, Deutsche schaffen mehr in weniger Arbeitszeit, sind effizienter. America is the land of entrepreneurs and hard-working business people.

Stories of companies that started their success with nothing but know-how and a great amount of puritan work ethic are pervasive both inside and outside of the United States and the truism of capitalism is that the one who works the most makes the most money at the end of the day, and that this is the answer to being satisfied in life. The average German will work 1, One may think then that the U. Geoghegan believes that Germans understate their work hours, and Americans overstate work hours, and yet both countries are getting roughly the same amount of work done. This means.

So, this begs the question, why are Americans such workaholics? Another possible explanation that I have experienced personally is that Germans view results as the biggest indicator of success in the workplace, while American work atmospheres are geared more towards creating an inclusive, pleasurable social experience that continues beyond working hours. Americans tend to spend more time socializing at work, while Europeans are less social, and leave quickly at the close of the work day — contributing to an overall lower number of hours spent at the office.

This certainly applies to me: I focus on my work and try to do everything possible to finish on time and with the best possible outcome so that I can leave punctually at the end of the day. Along these same lines, arriving at work already one minute too late gives me a bad conscience and causes me to leave home earlier than I actually need to in order to arrive punctually on time.

For myself, a German who lives and works in the U. In Germany, vacation time is a federally mandated right, a way of life. And therein lies the difference: Americans view vacation as a bonus and Germans view vacation as a necessity. The German government provides healthcare, childcare, free higher education …necessities that an average American has to pay out-of-pocket. When we start to take pride in our work and view it less as a boring routine and more as an occupation, we see better results.

And enjoy life!

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  • ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas….

Heavy traditions and years est. We just finished 6 weeks of Karneval celebrations in Chicago. Yes, we have doggedly stuck to our core audience while welcoming new faces to our many festivities. The desire to speak German, and celebrate, as they do in Germany, is a natural at all of our celebratory festivals.


Masken Ball Masquerade Ball , February. Our President, Reinhard Richter, and our Vorstand, with the help of many dedicated members, created a fantastic evening. Louis, Kanasas City and Minneapolis, made the evening even more festive. The Phenix band and Alpen Echo from Zinnzinati, provided a variety of traditional Schunkel and dance tunes. It was bumper to bumper on the dance floor.

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  8. The Karnevalisten from Edmonton performed a western show dance number, showcasing some talented cowhands, to. Prinzessin Sandra I. Two Drum and Bugle Corps and three costume parades filled the banquet hall with many youthful guests the entire evenings.

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    The next day there was exciting Facebook chatter about the Maskenball event. Check out the Mardi Gras Society website www. By: Hans Hunger. Originally formed as a German singing society, today the club is a mixture of social activity. People who have given their time and talents to the betterment of the community have spent many day singing, bowling, playing cards or just socializing within the confines of the organization. The rooms of the club can host a variety of groups from 35 in the Diamond Room the card room , the 50 person Crystal Room the original music practice room ; 80 in the Gold room, to the Grand Ballroom that can seat with its balcony and dance floor.

    Not to be forgotten are the four lane Duck Pins alleys in the lower level. In , music ceased to ring out in the halls of the club, but in , members of DANK approached the Board and asked to bring music back into the club. A small, but determined gemischterchor mixed chorus began and continues today. They represent goals of the founding fathers — to preserve the songs of the homeland.

    ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

    The Social Committee worked hard to ensure this was a celebration for the ages. Here we are going into Spring and I hope all is well with everyone. The Super Bowl Party, as the first event of the year, was a total success. Having the event at the JH Club was a very good move and we will definitely continue to partner with them in the coming year. I would like to thank Tim Schaefer with daughter on right and our Scholarship committee for the great job organizing the event in addition to special thanks to Jim Murphy, President of the JH Club, and their board for allowing us to join up with them.

    We look forward to having an even bigger number of members attend next year. There were some very special guests in attendance. He and the Credit Union have been staunch supporters of our organization for quite a long time. We do all of our business with the Credit Union and always receive the bestservice possible. It was also nice to welcome An-. See our ads on pages 10 and 11 for further info. Our trip to Milwaukee for the German Fest will be the weekend of 28th and 29th of July.

    Tom Moritz is starting a sign up list. Call him at for further details. This event will be the 22nd of August. Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar. For all our other event dates, please attend a meeting, visit our website www. On a sad note, I would like to send out condolences to Tom Moritz for the loss of his father, Ferdinand and condolences to Jim, Rita, and Renee Geohagan for the loss of their son and brother, Craig. On a lighter side, I would like to thank Tom Hartwig for giving me the shirt off of his back, literally.

    Until next time, Prosit! By now, you have read about the new data base upgrades taking place in the office. We have been very busy transitioning from our old data base to our new system. George Nagata has been converting our old database to the new Access format and we are looking forward to using the features and applications.

    Dues reminders have been sent to all unpaid members. If you have already sent your renewal, we thank you for your continued support of DANK. As a reminder, our membership dues payments are due on January 1 of each year but we allow our members until March 31 to make their payments. We always welcome suggestions from our members about how we can improve our Web site.

    Please email your comments and ideas to us at office dank. This year we celebrate Earth Day April 22nd. Many of our chapters are now emailing their newsletters. Email newsletters are environmentally friendly in that they do not use paper or ink and they do not have to be physically delivered, which helps keep costs down for the chapters. If you have not already done so, please send us your email address today.

    Please remember, DANK will never sell, rent or share your personal information, including your e-mail address, with any third parties for marketing purposes. We look forward to seeing familiar faces and welcome new ones.

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    What does it mean to us, when members join the elite group of Life Membership? As President, I see individuals who truly believe in the goals and mission of DANK, the preservation of the traditions, culture, language and music of our Germanic roots. These individuals give us hope for our future and our reasons to continue to move forward.