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The whole thing bugged me so much I started to itch.

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I was offended as a golfer. For golfers, the stain of cheating is so much graver than winning or losing that we live in mortal fear of being called a cheater. One leaf.

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So here was Trump caterwauling about 18 golf championships that were faker than Cheez Whiz, and it started to make me think. How much of what Trump says about his golf brilliance does the country believe? Because 50 guys at every course in America can beat him. When Trump held endless hole meetings at his Florida courses with this prime minister and that emperor, were these leaders returning home to laugh at OUR president the way they laughed at him at the United Nations? Would they think all Americans cheat at golf? Somebody should point out that the way Trump does golf is sort of the way he does a presidency, which is to operate as though the rules are for other people.

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Rule 3 from the Rules of Amateur Status covers prizes won by amateur golfers

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Reuse this content. Favorites to win are pricey, but rostering too many inexpensive players who miss the cut can sink your lineup. Every course is different.

Picking Your Players

Birdies lead directly to bounce back and streak bonuses, making a birdie plus a bogey worth more to your lineups than two pars. Only finishing position correlates stronger with FanDuel points than birdie rate.


Some courses favor accurate drivers over powerful drivers, and some courses demand strong approach play. Finding out which statistics have led to success is a big part of the puzzle. Prioritize players who tend to get to the weekend. These in-depth tips from numberFire will help you take your game to the next level. Get started with one of the contests below.

Tour Championship

And if you want to enter more contests, just look for the golf ball icon and the PGA tab in the lobby. Earn cash when you invite your friends. If no agreement can be reached or a match is not played by the date specified for the round then the Tournament Director will decide, on the basis of availability which team will go through to the next round. GPS: During matches players may use devices that gauge or measure distance only.

Smart phones may be used even if they are fitted with nonconforming features provided the player doesn't access these applications.

Golf - Wikipedia

Motorised Buggies: Players and supporters must walk the courses at all times during a competitive round of golf at the Finals. Only players in the match with authorisation from the Tournament Referee due to medical conditions are allowed the use of golf buggies during a competitive round, however in such cases the Organisers have no jurisdiction whatsoever over individual golf clubs when it comes to the use of buggies on their course.

Speed of Play: Players must at all times play without undue delay. All matches should be played to a result as count back may have to be used in the Grand Finals.

See 6. Notifying Results It will be the responsibility of the winning team in each match to notify the result to the Tournament Office. This must be done either online at www. For matches played over the last weekend the captain or in his or her absence a designated team member should enter the result online at www. Where possible the result of all rounds will be published through Social Media and on the tournament website.

Home clubs must extend courtesy of the course to visiting teams for competitive rounds. If that is not possible,home players must be responsible for paying the agreed fees of visiting players.


It is also hoped that home clubs will endeavour to make a practice round possible for visiting clubs at Members Guest rates. As this is a matchplay competition a practise round can be played on the day of play or beforehand. Green fees at the Grand Finals will be paid by Matchplay Golf. There are 16 Regional Finals which will be played down to the last 4 who will qualify for the Grand Final. A villa is provided for each team that sleeps 5, however your team at the finals can be made up from any combination of players that have participated in at least one previous round.

Matchplay Golf do not cover the cost of any additional players.

Flights are NOT included and the cost needs to be covered by the finalists. During the final stages all matches will be played on the same principle as the eliminating rounds except that sudden death play-offs may commence from an alternative hole determined by the Tournament Referee.