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Is there a way to practice evangelism without emotional manipulation and aggressive marketing techniques that lead to superficial decisions? Can Presbyterians reclaim with integrity our historical commitment to evangelism? Many Presbyterians are confused about the relation between mission and evangelism. This is good news!


What is God doing in this world where many forms of devastating evil are rampant? God sent the Son and the Holy Spirit and now sends the church into the world as instruments of redemptive mission. While this reign seems hidden, it is present like yeast, light, salt and a small seed.

Jesus practiced and intermingled all three. All evangelism is mission, but not all mission is evangelism.

If it were not for evangelism, I would not know Jesus Christ | The Millennial Pastor

Our lives speak louder than our words and are the first Bible many people will read. While words are necessary at some point in evangelism, our deeds, attitudes and lifestyle help or hinder evangelism. The specific intention of evangelism, compassionate service and social justice is an important distinctive of each. With integrity we can consider responding to human need, building sustainable community, and social transformation as intentions of mission.

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Sometimes we engage in social service and justice without speaking about Jesus or the church, and this is advisable in interfaith cooperation endeavors. For example, when people of diverse faith communities who belong to Austin Area Interfaith Ministries cooperate in ministry to the homeless or advocacy in public places on behalf of justice issues, they do not practice verbal evangelism.

On the other hand, when members of a congregation help a family renovate their home or take food to flood victims, they should spell out who they are and why they are doing it, and evangelism is intertwined. Words are helpful to explain why we practice compassionate service and social justice. When people ask us questions about the Christian faith or our view on ethical issues, we must be ready to answer with bold humility and in clear non-technical language. Presbyterians believe both in cooperation or dialogue with and in evangelism or witness to people of other faiths.

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What is Biblical Evangelism?

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  7. Biblical Evangelism is not defined by manmade methodologies. Rather, Biblical Evangelism is defined by biblical, historical, and systematic theology.

    Basics of Biblical Evangelism PART 1 of 2 - How NOT to share your faith

    What is Biblical Evangelism? He defines the term this way: According to the New Testament , evangelism is just preaching the gospel , the evangel.

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