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These Arkansans faced many challenges, including outlaw bands known as Jayhawkers, who ravaged the people and the land. Additionally, students will study the events leading up to the war and the post-Civil War era. Students will examine the impact of the Civil War on the economic, social, and political systems of Arkansas. Each student will also research an assigned character from this era. Students will then write and perform a part in a role-playing simulation. The major goal of the unit is to guide students as they research an Arkansas Civil War topic, the Engagement at Poison Spring, in preparation for a classroom debate.

Students will assume the role of a newspaper reporter from the Civil War period. After appropriate research utilizing print, non-print, or electronic resources, students will write a newspaper article about the exodus of slaves during the Civil War period in Arkansas history. Students will research and analyze the Red River Expedition in Arkansas during the American Civil War utilizing both primary and secondary sources.

Students will identify the location of a particular battle in Arkansas from the Red River Campaign and present their battle report to the class. Students will learn the importance of the Emancipation Proclamation and its importance in the Civil War. In addition, the Butler Center also holds an extensive collection of secondary sources and subscribes to a number of online databases, which provide easily accessible and up-to-date information.

The Butler Center provides online access to selected portions of our collections.

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These featured collections represent a dynamic sampling of Arkansas history. Researchers may also view searchable inventories of our manuscript collection holdings. You must include this image called "Scott's Snake" in you4 explanation of the Union's plan.

This series takes Civil War photos that were digitally colored to bring them to life to tell the story of the Civil War. Mebius for the DVD or for a device to watch it electronically on her Vudu account. Look through the book "Lincoln in Cartoons - 30 Collectible Postcards". Write a paragraph explaining the significance of the cartoon and what was happening in the Civil War at the time the cartoon was published.

The back of the cartoon gives the title, the date, and a short explanation. As you read take an this open book test about the book. If you lived in the 19th century, you might have taken hardtack instead. Hardtack was a kind of cracker that sailors, Civil War soldiers, and the pioneers carried with them so they would have something to eat if they found themselves in a place where food wasn't available. The high salt content in the dough acted as a preservative, giving it the ability to stay good for long periods of time.

It's said that a well-made batch of hardtack could stay edible for a few years! Click here for the recipe and instructions.

Lesson Plan: A Nation Divided

Women in the Civil War. It affects everyone and every aspect of life. War forces people to abandon their daily routines and roles. Over the course of the 4-year war, approximately 3,, men left home to fight. These losses forced women to rethink how they lived their lives.

The American Civil War was the first war to be photographed. Click here for the picture analysis questions. Read this linked article about the role of horse in the Civil War. Watch the 2 video below about the role of dogs in the Civil War. Look at these images of a dog and horse during battle.

Why Study Reconstruction?

Complete this Venn Diagram comparing the role of the 2 animals in the Civil War. You may continue your research online for more information if needed. You may pick any of the video to report on. The Civil War was the first American war to be covered extensively by photographers. Photographs of the war are important documents that reveal the lives of soldiers, the conditioning which they lived and the aftermath of important battles. Watch the following video about Civil War photography.

Locate 7 Civil War photographs through research online or at the library and create an album or collage using Keynote or another format. Include captions. Include a picture on Matthew Brady the famous Civil War photographer in your creation. Use the words "daguerreotype", "ambrotype", and "carte-de-viste" in your captions. Civil War math problems. Click here for a link to the problems and instructions. Answer a couple questions about each poem.

American Civil War

Click here for the poems and questions. Learn more about the impact of the weapons of war. Click here for questions to answer while watching the video. Civil War Photography. Look at the following Images. Mebius for the book. When finished, you will discuss the following ideas with Mrs.

Grant and Robert E. Click here for the project rubric and instruction,. In the corner of the screen a casualty counter tracks the number of people lost to disease, capture, disfigurement, and death. Mebius your thoughts after watching the video. T his is an amazing video Mebius for the video. Gain a deeper understanding of the military strategy of the Battle of Gettysburg by watching the 4 minutes video.

The "History Gal Powerpoint file below will help you complete the map accurately.

Let's Play - Civil War: A Nation Divided - #1 "More Than One Piece"

Click here for a Google Slide link to the complete map. Memorize and recite the speech words to show complete mastery. Click here for a copy of the this famous and powerful speech by Abraham Lincoln. Watch pictures from the Civil War come to life with color to tell the story of how the Civil War ends. Watch the first 45 minutes of episode 2 -Blood Bath from the Civil War in color series. Use this template to create your own way to show mastery of the unit activity objectives. Watch the movie "Saving Lincoln". Marshall Ward Hill Lamon. The movie is minutes longs.

A classroom divided? In the US, Civil War lessons vary state to state -

Click here for the 10 questions to answer while watching the movie. The movie is on Amazon Prime. Mebius to help set the movie up for you. Mebius for the book and click here for a PDF of the questions to answer with each chapter. Create your own digital or paper book about Abraham Lincoln.

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