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Studies have shown people to be generally bad, when single, at predicting what later turn out to be their actual relationship preferences.

One study found that speed daters questioned about their relationship preferences usually prove themselves wrong just minutes later with what they show to prefer in the actual event. Unfortunately, not many people have a chance to be in more than a few, if any, serious relationships before they make their big decision. Society has it all wrong and gives us terrible advice.

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No, when it comes to dating, society frowns upon thinking too much about it, instead opting for things like relying on fate, going with your gut, and hoping for the best. In other words, people end up picking from whatever pool of options they have, no matter how poorly matched they might be to those candidates.

The obvious conclusion to draw here is that outside of serious socialites, everyone looking for a life partner should be doing a lot of online dating, speed dating, and other systems created to broaden the candidate pool in an intelligent way. But good old society frowns upon that, and people are often still timid to say they met their spouse on a dating site. The respectable way to meet a life partner is by dumb luck, by bumping into them randomly or being introduced to them from within your little pool.

It makes no sense—the former is one step away from a happy marriage, while the latter must either settle for permanent unhappiness or endure a messy divorce just to catch up to where the single person is. For a woman who wants to have biological children with her husband, she has one very real limitation in play, which is the need to pick the right life partner by forty, give or take.

This is just a shitty fact and makes an already hard process one notch more stressful. A frenzy of big decisions for bad reasons and a lot of people messing up the most important decision of their life. Fear is one of the worst possible decision-makers when it comes to picking the right life partner. Unfortunately, the way society is set up, fear starts infecting all kinds of otherwise-rational people, sometimes as early as the mid-twenties. The types of fear our society and parents, and friends inflict upon us—fear of being the last single friend, fear of being an older parent, sometimes just fear of being judged or talked about—are the types that lead us to settle for a not-so-great partnership.

Externally-Influenced Ed lets other people play way too big a part in the life partner decision. The choosing of a life partner is deeply personal, enormously complicated, different for everyone, and almost impossible to understand from the outside, no matter how well you know someone.

Shallow Sharon is more concerned with the on-paper description of her life partner than the inner personality beneath it. There are a bunch of boxes that she needs to have checked—things like his height, job prestige, wealth-level, accomplishments, or maybe a novelty item like being foreign or having a specific talent.

This person cannot handle sacrifice or compromise. This person inevitably ends up with at best a super easy-going person, and at worst, a pushover with a self-esteem issue, and sacrifices a chance to be part of a team of equals, almost certainly limiting the potential quality of her marriage.

His rough manner and pushiness Jen Jones wasn't a criminal.

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His rough manner and pushiness scared her a little, but she put it down to his PTSD…until the night he got killed. And she was next on the killer's list. Lying to the police detective, her smarmy lawyer and worse yet, herself, Jen tries to work through the nightmare closing around her. The plots Ms. Alaya has created, plus the believable characters have absolutely made this a 5 star book. An added bonus — besides getting a fantastic read, I now understand quite a bit more about computer systems than I would have thought possible. Aug 21, C. This book is filled with lies and betrayals.

Hurt feelings and misunderstandings. It is on the techie side but I had no problem understanding the computer lingo, and I'm far from being a computer guru.

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Broken Build is a novel that will get you thinking of all the possibilities that you might have missed out on because you couldn't say three little words. A man that she has hurt in her past in a debilitating way. But after six years of Jen being away, Dave doesn't recognize her.

When a romance heats up between the two, the secrets come out one by one. Will Dave be able to forgive her? And most importantly, will Jen be able to forgive herself? A suspenseful - romance with plenty of mind-bending mysteries to keep you guessing and begging for the truth. A fantastic read!! May 13, Rebecca Bryant rated it it was amazing. In this book I loved that the author kept me guessing as to what would happen next. Our leading female character Jen not only has a past but it is tied to her boss's. Dave our male lead wants to protect Jen but can he truly protect someone he doesn't trust or for that matter can he forgive and fall in love with someone who he feels destroyed his family.

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Sounds complicated right well now throw in some criminals, a mystery blackmailer oh and if that's not enough try to save a failing company. Yep In this book I loved that the author kept me guessing as to what would happen next. Yep we are talking a front to back page turner.

The True Hard Work of Love and Relationships

This book so far has been one of my favorites and I definitely recommend you adding it to your reading list. It has everything you could want action, suspense and romance who needs to spend Nov 21, Beth rated it did not like it. Very disappointing.

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  • I'm not sure where the author's head is, but I know I don't want to be there. I could not finish, despite what was actually technically good writing. When I started reading the depressing beginning to the story, I held on because I thought there would be some Christian elements of redemption given the scripture. But I guess the author thinks it's ok to prostitute yourself to save your company main male character, graphically depicted , hide from the law both main characte Very disappointing. But I guess the author thinks it's ok to prostitute yourself to save your company main male character, graphically depicted , hide from the law both main characters , steal intellectual property main female character , use very foul language, and do little or nothing to repent or change your ways.

    Completely unlikeable characters. Skipped to the end to try to resolve something in my own mind. Do not recommend, and I won't be reading anything else by this author, including the Old Testament novel, Michal's Window, which I already had downloaded.

    The Founder’s Dilemma

    Smart and sexy, protagonist Jen Jones is a modern techie whiz with a past she's trying to hide. The story begins with a murder, and the pace picks up from there. Jen's love interest, Dave, is a tech entrepreneur who resorts to dubious methods to fund his company. Jen is a woman from his past, and as the plot heats up, a web of deceit and intrigue threatens their relationship. The author writes in an authentic manner--she was once a software engineer. The technology setting is fascinating, just eno Smart and sexy, protagonist Jen Jones is a modern techie whiz with a past she's trying to hide.

    The technology setting is fascinating, just enough to be authentic and for me to learn something new , but was not too much to lose me. A recommended read! View 1 comment. This is the second book I've read by Rachelle and it did not disappoint. A fun thrill ride of suspense will keep you interested and addicted. I read this book in just a couple of days, I couldn't put it down.

    The thing that held my interest most of all was Jen. I always long for a strong female character and am often disappointed.

    If You Want to Run the Company

    The story line is technical computer savvy wit that even I understood and I'm far from being a computer whiz! If you're looking for a great Romantic Suspense book you h This is the second book I've read by Rachelle and it did not disappoint. If you're looking for a great Romantic Suspense book you have to read this one. I would not have given it anything below a 5 star rating and if I could rate higher I would!

    I look forward to the next adventure that Rachelle Ayala will take my mind to! Dec 27, brandy oliver rated it it was amazing. This is yet another excellent book by one of my new favorite authors, Rachelle Ayala. So far, I have to say, Rachelle Ayala, is a very well rounded author who seems to be able to write many different styles her own. It is almost magical, maybe mystical, the way she can intertwine a few different "types" or genres, into one book.

    Michal's Window, was another one like Broken Build. If you have read either of these books, you know what I'm talking about. Ok, so enough gushing over this author, lol, I just haven't read such fascinating books like this in a long time. Not that Rachelle Ayala is a V C Andrews or a Roland Dahl, but I remember those books when I was younger, as being fascinating books I would have given my pinky finger to sit up and finish that night. It's the same way with Rachelle's books. Broken Build is about, Jen Jones, who has some dark secrets in her past. Jen changes her appearance in hopes of a fresh start at life.

    David doesn't recognize her, he hasn't seen her for 6 years, but there comes a time when he will find out who she is, and this ends up threatening their relationship. Together the 2 have to rescue David's daughter, who is believed to be with his dead wife's family. This story starts right from the first chapter and Rachelle, doesn't miss a beat! I wasn't super surprised, that this author would outdo herself yet again. Simply because, Michal's Window was such a shockingly good story that was filled with romance, betrayal, and heart pumping suspense.

    But I was very, very impressed. Rachelle's knowledge and computer savvyness adds so much to this suspense, mystery, thriller, techno thriller, romance novel. Just like her genuine love for writing comes through each description, each character and each page of her books, Broken Build will hit you full force with Rachelle's meticulous style, you will be counting down the days until her new novel comes out in !!

    I should warn readers a little bit about this book.