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A double-issue to celebrate our eleventh anniversary! Beneath Ceaseless Skies ISSN is a SFWA-qualifying , pro-rate online magazine dedicated to publishing literary adventure fantasy: fantasy set in secondary-world or historical settings, written with a literary focus on the characters. In ten years, BCS has published over stories and audio fiction podcasts. We love traditional adventure fantasy, including classics from the pulp era and the new wave of post-Tolkien fantasy. But we also love how the recent influence of Realist literary writing on fantasy short fiction has expanded the genre, allowing writers the freedom to use literary devices such as tight points-of-view, round characters, unreliable narrators, discontinuous narratives, and others.

This sophisticated level of craft has made fantasy short fiction more powerful than ever before. We want stories that combine the best of both these styles—adventure fantasy plots in vivid secondary worlds, but written with a literary flair. Beneath Ceaseless Skies features exciting stories set in awe-inspiring places that are told with all the skill and impact of modern literary-influenced fantasy. Beneath Ceaseless Skies publishes two stories per issue, with a new issue every two weeks. Readers can subscribe by email notification or by RSS feed, or for automatic delivery to Kindle.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies | Issue #

We release all issues as ebooks and selected stories as Audio Fiction podcasts. We publish annual Best-of ebook anthologies and occasional theme anthologies of stories from the magazine. Narrated by M. By Sam J. The target was thrashing hard enough that the smooth handles of the garrote were biting into Otranto's …. By Catherine S. By Nicole M. Read by John Meagher. Read by Michael J. By Barbara A.

Read by Tina Connolly. By Christian K.

~ dreaming of new worlds ~

By John E. By Kristina C. By Wendy N. By David G. By Sarah L. By Sara M. By Emily M. By Harry R. By David D. Podcasters use the RadioPublic listener relationship platform to build lasting connections with fans. Start listening. Is this your podcast? All Episodes. I tried to make it sound like I was being …. The morning of her last day as queen, Nehan's mouth begins to bleed before her attendants finish braiding her hair.

The fawn is still in its mother's belly. Sapo kneels by the doe and feels for the outlines of the little one with …. They hand me long strips of torn fabric. If she were darker brown, might she disappear into the shadows altogether? Mila kept herself still like a statue, like the weapon she was supposed to be, even though inside she was screaming no, ….

In no time at all, I was flying south over fields and forest, as true as an assassin's arrow. Furious Jackson reclined on the banks of the BlackDog river and strummed her guitar for an audience of …. But most of all she hated the bees, who buzzed about her head and asked to be let in. Rory nods. The bullets are Lutean-made, salt …. An acolyte to the rails. And this was to …. It was unfair, the way she persisted in showing up rather …. Then the night comes when the Lady summons me to her room and I go, I do.

I killed my sister with my own two hands. I have them here with me. Please, …. McAdams , from Issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine They lost Bragi—Harald lost him—in late spring, when the snow was mostly gone and meadows were livid with velvetbells, ogre-thistle, and …. Katrin had known since she was a little girl ….

But the magistrate firmly believes that this pursuit will pay off. He will learn …. There are ….

Beneath Ceaseless Skies #109

As the oldest, I had to make sure I and my …. He stared into the flickering eyes of the monster he'd drawn, hypnotized, stricken, and his shivering stopped …. Reilitas has dreamed of the snake, dreamed of …. Taking her place in line, the marmot graced her pirate lover with a toothy smile. Now I understood my ….

For once in my life, I could …. Sometimes the crimes were egregious. In these …. Hobson Mei Huang repeats the rite so many times it becomes indistinguishable from breath, and still every iteration ends with …. She …. The cube is like …. By Nin Harris , from Issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine Malaguena refuses to play most of the pieces dedicated to the other moons, but this sonata, composed for the Swan Moon, accompanies our evenings.

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I won on my first attempt when I was fourteen; so long ago it seems meaningless. And with that I …. Dangling from a rope two hundred feet above the ….

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Serah avoids his eyes. By Rebecca Campbell , from Issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine There was a letter addressed to him and beneath it a chaos of paper, the slips and sheets and scraps in no obvious order. Yes, one of the …. But for the Wolf, Staggerlee would've written …. Liras tried to remain at his workbench and finish …. We ride stolen horses over the choked earth. Across great …. I wanted to be angry with her, but she …. I greeted the spirit of Dog echoing within my mind with a reverent thought.

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  • Your visit surprises yet honors me, Lord Dog. Jared studied her, her sopping hair and gaunt face. In the amnesty-city of Vannat, Aln Panette …. Sal stood alone in the field, feeling the absence of her friend's touch. Being open to death was the cost of living …. And Eirik's men made it out of the forest, and ….

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    Folu has forgotten how to read the cards, …. We dry the tongues on butcher's paper beside the stove. Once desiccated, they barely have a scent. I used to dream of the heart our masters would give me. Kabza , from Issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies Online Magazine Everyone stopped in front of the tree, staring at its asymmetrical horror.

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