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Outside the cave—more spacious than the apartments of many city-dwellers and with windows drilled into the stone for light—Mofleh constructed a walled terrace with a garden of flowering shrubs where he welcomes visitors for tea.

In the winter, the rain waters the plants; in the summer, he hauls water up from a restaurant in the tourist area. A Jordanian flag stands sentinel over the canyon below.

If you have problems, you forget them quickly. Traditionally, the Bedouins lived off goat herding and small-scale farming. Many, including Mofleh, also found work on archeological digs and in the tourism industry. He gestured at a hillside across the canyon.

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Sometimes the meeting of cultures led to romance, as it did for Mofleh. He married a Swiss woman, had a daughter, and for a while split his time between Switzerland and Petra. Upon further thought and counting on his fingers, the number rose to eight. Reactions to the resettlement were mixed. Many, especially families with children, liked being closer to schools and hospitals.

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He also examines the question of whether some early Israelites were indeed nomads as the Bible presents them, offering a new angle on the controversy over their identity as well as new cultural perspectives to scholars of the Bible and the Bedouin alike. Clinton Bailey has studied Bedouin culture firsthand for fifty years and is the author of books on Bedouin poetry, law, and proverbs. He has been an advocate and activist on behalf of Bedouin civil rights in Israel since The Bedouin represent such an unimaginable endurance, and so does the Bible; and now Clinton Bailey, with his characteristic mixture of erudition and adventure, shows that they may represent the same antiquity.

Bailey has written another extraordinary book.

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Once again, the romance of ethnography is evident on every one of his fascinating pages. Its down to earth style is accessible to all.

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It is as if Bailey is writing for his friends when he describes and discusses the Bedouin. In this field, Bailey manifests an exceptional mastery.

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Every student of the Bible will appreciate his insights and biblical scholars will find the volume a valuable companion to the collections of ancient Near Eastern texts that already sit on their desks. Tigay, University of Pennsylvania.

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Evocative color photographs taken by photojournalist Vivian Ronay between and document the Bdoul group of five sedentary Bedouin tribes living around the archaeological site of Petra in Jordan. On view through July 6, , the images offered a compelling look at the life of the Bdoul group of five tribes living now in Um Sayhun, a small village near the archaeological site of the ancient city of Petra--literally carved from red sandstone in the harsh desert's cliffs and gorges in southern Jordan.

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The exhibition comprised 28 contemporary photographs taken by Vivian Ronay, a photojournalist who, for some 15 years, has been documenting the lives of families in Petra who moved in the mids out of the 2,year-old caves where they had lived for many generations.