e-book A Jar for My Tears: A Journal of Prayer and Healing for Women with Breast Cancer

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You have to be comfortable with your decision. For me the life changes made the most sense. Thank you for saying I was brave but I think it was actually quiet the opposite. I was terrified of the radiation. Every time I considered it I felt nauseous and an intuitive voice telling me not to do it. So, really, being a coward helped me make decisions, haha.

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Leading a healthier lifestyle was an easy choice. When I started working with my nutritionist I was fascinated and horrified at the same time. I was already doing Yoga so I just had to become more dedicated to it. The acupuncture was new and I had such an amazing response to it that it eased any uneasiness I had felt.

All in all, I gave to say that my life is much better than it was before cancer. So far, it has been. Its 3 am here, and I have insomnia…im 41 years old was dx 10 days ago with DCIS grade 3 comdeo necrosis. I have 2 little kids 8 and 6,i have apt with the surgeon on Thursday and I am so confused and scared about the options and decisions I should make…my DCIS was found thru mammography,,i never had any lumps,,i just had pain around my nipples that scared me and a voice inside my head that told me I need to go see the dr..


I am so confused.. I live in Canada…sorry about the typing errors ,its just too late nd im not focused…looking forward to hearing from you,,amazing how reading some shared stories can empower us women…. Sorry I did not see your comment earlier. I can understand the panic, confusion and overwhelm you are going through right now. I created my blog to offer support and resources that I desperately needed but were so hard to find.

First off, take a deep breath. DCIS is not life-threatening and you have some time to make informed decisions. Mastectomy is not the only option. Please see info on Dr. I highly recommend consulting with Dr. Continue to research, get as much info about your pathology and keep questioning everything your Drs tell you, especially if you feel pressured or rushed. The fear will diminish as you become educated and gain understanding.

Listen to that voice in your head and more importantly listen to your gut. I went through all the same emotions initially and now I am at total peace with all that has transpired and I do not live in fear of cancer. I am healthier, stronger and wiser thanks to DCIS. You will be too. Sending you a hug and much love and light, Donna.

Much appreciated!

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I will also listen to that calm inner voice in making decisions that will be the right one for me in my DCIS journey. Hi, I just wonder why my post never show here,,,being newly diagnosed with DCIS grade 3, I found this blog very intresting and supporting…but apparently my post was removed??? You should get a 2nd opinion and I can vouch for that because after seeing Dr. Siverstein I was given renewed hope! Good luck and God bless!

I saw the surgeon on Thursday,as usual doctors have no time for all your worries and fears to take in consideration and respond to.. I left from my biopsy with my husband and 2 kids and went to celebrate bcos the biopsy was not painful!! I never thought a week later my world will fall apart!!!! I am not a person who can live fears and worries,,i have already anxiety and 2 little kids to look after…and school is coming soon…my kids saw me breaking down many times and this affected them a lot….

I feel so positive reading about women who survived many years after their cancer…but cancer is scary…. Nissy, I know it feels easier when you know you are not alone facing hardship like this. I understand you as none else — how terrified you are and all the fears, etc.

I am only 32 y. I wish the news came out a couple of months sooner, it would save me so much nerves and mental anxiety ;.

So, it is NOT life threatening. Let alone DCIS. HOWEVER, this approach might best fit someone of a very content personality and who can well manage stress and anxiety of the dx. Therefore, I myself opted for a double mastectomy although only one breast was affected. Then, I did it solely for a peace of mind. You WILL be absolutely fine and live long life and see your grandchildren and generations after.

What IS important for you at this moment, is to calm down and manage your reaction to the situation. Because stress is the major cause of chronic diseases, and cancer in particular. Below is the link to what it means. I wish I had it when I was first diagnosed and was going through the mental agony you are experiencing right now.

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As Nissy said it really helps us to feel connected with others that have or are going through similar situations who understand and empathize. DCIS sisters develop a strong bond of unity in support and comradeship as DCIS survivors…equipped with knowledge, strength, truth and courage! Love, Peace and Blessings, Kat. I always feared the day but never imagined this young!!! I understand having a lumpectomy… but radiations is a very scary idea!!!

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  5. I think what I will do is I will go for lumpectomy then do the genetic test to see if I am positive??!!! Nissy, oh my, you resemble myself so much — parents living overseas, living to please others, loneliness and etc. Unfortunately, cancer hits young women too. There, there are 23 and 25 year olds with advanced breast cancer and way worst situation than ours.

    "I Got This!"

    There, someone with DCIS is viewed as a lucky one. So count your blessings, Nissy. I do understand you well.

    On neither side. Not even among aunts or other extended family. I pursued another doctors in that practice to check it and he ordered an ultrasound, commenting he did not think it was anything serious, but sent me just in case.

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    I went to the radiology center for the US, but the radiologist started with a mammo first, then extensive mammo, and ended up doing biopsy and placing markers same time. I was terrified. Had to wait for a week for the results and it was the worst agonizing week ever. It was awful. I was single, had not a single family member in the US, was here on a work visa and on a very tight budget. Anyway, fast-forward:. I rushed into surgery and had it done 3 weeks after dx.